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Communities and Microsites

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2014 09:02PM EST

The Microsites CMS Product allows individual websites (Microsites) to be dedicated to individual Communities. These Community Microsites have smart Content Items which display only content relevant to the Community on the Microsite Homepage.


Creating Microsites within the context of a Community is generally recommended for all Microsites. Even if Community tools, such as a Discussion/eGroup and Library are not needed immediately, you may find them to be of value when the site is in production. A previously-created Stand-alone Microsite can be associated with a Community after its creation, but this will require a ticket, delay, and likely the additional expense of a change order.


Please see the Community Content in Webpages page for help in determining whether a Community Microsite e

Integration and Permissions

Community Microsites utilize the same AMS integration and webservices established for the primary website. Establishing a separate integration is possible but will require licensing (paying for) the Microsites CMS product for each unique integration.


The permissions settings for Community content displayed on a Community Microsite are, by default, identical to those impacting access to Community-based content on the primary site. Access to Discussion/eGroup, Library, and Community Member content respect the Access and Permissions established.  The view permissions of any webpage can be restricted to only be visible to specific Security Groups. This remains true for the pages of a Community Microsite. Admins can establish unique access permissions for Community Microsite pages through the Edit Navigation pages.


Default Functionality of  a Community Microsite

Several Content Items have been established to show Community-specific content on the home page of a Community Microsite.  By default, these Content Items only display content specifically attributed to that Community. For these Content Items, it is possible to remove the Community-specific restrictions through Parameters such as ShowAllDiscussions="true" or FilterByMicrosite="false". Adding such Parameters will allow the Content Item to show all content for all Communities based on the memberships and permissions of an individual user.


See Community Content in Webpages for more information and instructions.


Establishing a Community Microsite

Community Microsites are easily established when a Model Microsite meets the needs of Communities of that Community Type. Taking time when preparing the Microsite model will allow you to mass produce effective Microsites without needing to make time-consuming one-off changes to each site afterwards.

Instructions: Establishing a Model Microsite for the Community Type

  1. Create the Microsite that meets the needs of a specific Community Type. You can do this with an existing page, or by creating a new page through the Site List. When modifying the site that will serve as your model do not delete pages you do not want to use or show in the navigation. Hide such pages.
  2. Access the CCAdmin Manage Community Types page via Community -andgt
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