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Discussions Settings and Permissions

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2016 10:39AM EDT

View and Post Permissions

The primary products supporting Higher Logic Communities are Discussions, Resource Libraries, and Microsites. Permissions for access to Discussions posts are primarily derived from Community membership.  For this reason the Community and Community Type permissions directly impact Discussion and Library access through join and view permissions.  Discussion settings can extend View Content rights to users who are not Community Members.  Library content access is established by the Discussion settings and cannot differ. 

Community Membership and Discussion/Library Permissions

Community membership confers full content creation and access rights to users. Community Members are the only users with rights to post to the Community Discussion and create new Library Entries.  Community members have rights to access discussion posts and library entries.  The only settings to prevent community members from  creating discussion posts and library entries is to delete, disable, or fully moderate the community Discussion/Library.  Individual Community members can also be "banned" to prevent posting to the Discussion.  Users who can join a Community are presented the opportunity to reply to Discussion posts with joining the community required prior to posting.

Discussion settings

Access to view Community Discussion Posts and Library Entries can be extended to non-community members.  The Admin site's Community>Discussions>Extended Attributes page provides a Security Group checkbox list labeled "Security Groups: Allowed to View Content".  Security Groups selected here will have rights to view Discussion Posts and Library Entries for the Community. A View Content checkbox can be automatically set for Communities created on the Higher Logic side (not imported from an AMS/database).  

At Community creation the a checkbox for the View Content permissions is often set.  This checkbox corresponds to the "Who Can Join the Community?" permission level selected on the Edit Community Settings page.  This will not occur if Invite Only is the selected Join Permission as no checkbox selections is equivalent to Invite Only Join permissions.  Users who can join the community will be prompted to post to the Discussion.  An attempt to post to a Discussion by a user able to join will prompt Community joining.  

"View Content" privileges include the right to access the Discussion and Library content via multiple displays and search results, comment on it, and recommend it.   

Anonymous Posting

Discussions can allow anonymous posting.  All posts made anonymously are attributed to the same user, with the default name of "Anonymous Poster".  Where enabled, only Community Members can post anonymously.


Points of configuration for Anonymous Posting are on the Admin Site's Communities>Discussions>Setup>Anonymous Posting page.  On that page the points of configuration include:

  • Allow Anonymous Posting
    This is the main switch, allowing anonymous posting functionality to exist for any Community Discussion
  • Communities with Anonymous Posting
    The functionality can be established for any Discussion or all Discussions.  The interface to established the desired configuration is labeled "Allow anonymous posts for these communities"
  • Types of Posts Allowed
    All posts or only new posts can be allowed to post anonymously.  This setting area is labeled "Allow anonymity for these type of posts"
  • Moderation of Anonymous Posts
    All anonymous posts can be moderated if desired. When enabled anonymous posts will be displayed with "reason" of "anonymous" in the Items in Moderation queue. 
  • Logging
    By default, no record as to the actual poster is recorded.  HLAdmins can view the actual poster for each anonymous post by turning on logging. 
  • Messaging via Displayed Text
    Three messages can be configured uniquely to customize the experience of posting anonymously. 
    • Messaging for visible alert when posting or replying anonymously - seen by posting users on the Discussion editor
    • Messaging for popup alert when message is posted - seen by posting users immediately after posting anonymously confirming the post and user expectations
    • Prefix text added to all anonymous posts or replies - seen by all users when encountering anonymous posts in web content and in Discussion email

Modifying the "Anonymous Member"

The profile page of the Anonymous Member can have a profile picture uploaded and name changed if desired.  This is, generally, most easily achieved by navigating to the profile of the Anonymous Member, impersonating the user, and making the desired changes as one would any other profile. 

The link to the Anonymous Member profile is www.[clientwebsite]/profile?UserKey=40fbe166-41ef-4063-855f-68da2c564d5b . 

Creating a Discussion with a New Community

To Establish a Discussion while creating a new Community, take the following steps:


  1. Consider the Community Type before creating the Discussion.  In the CCAdmin page, access the Manage Community Types page under Communities.  The initial access settings will be impacted by your Community Type selection.  Choose a Community Type that meets the needs of the Community/library you are creating.
  2. From any page of your website, click the "Communities" link in the Welcome Box.  This will bring you to the My Communities page.
  3. Click the "Create a New Community" link below and to the right of the tabs.
  4. Complete the fields as desired.  Take care when making the three inputs regarding access – these determine such things as whether different kinds of users will see the library and its contents in search, and which/how members can post to the library. 
  5. Be sure to click the boxes for Discussion and Library.

The new discussion will appear in the libraries lists and Communities lists consistent with the view permissions selected. 

Creating a Discussion for an Existing Community

While most Communities utilize a Discussion and Library immediately upon creation, some do not. Take the following steps to establish a Discussion and Library for an existing community:


  1. Access the CCAdmin Site through the Admin link on your website
  2. Under Communities, access the "Manage Communities" page.
  3. Find your community in the column at far left. In the Community Name column,click the "edit" link for that Community. This will bring you to the "Manage Community" page.
  4. Click the checkboxes next to "Discussion" and "Library" at page bottom.
  5. Click "Save".


The new Discussion and Library will appear in the libraries lists and Communities lists consistent with the view permissions selected. 

Changing the Name of a Discussion

It is generally recommended to keep the name of the Discussion the same as the name of the Community. While not recommended, it is possible to rename a Discussion to a value different than the Community name.  Accomplish this on the Admin site on the Community>Discussion>Extended Attributes page.  The "Name of the Discussion" field is at page top, allowing the rename via text entry.  This will not change the name of the Community. Links to the Discussion from Community Lists will not be impacted. 




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