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Display of Discussions

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2016 09:53PM EDT

A handful of User Control Content Items display Discussion posts and threads. The Community Landing Page Content Item provides the user with a quick glance at recent Discussion posts. Discussions product pages allow the user/reader to see all discussions and view posts in different contexts. All pages displaying one or more individual posts support the functionality for the user to reply to the post, comment on the post, rate the post, and more through a vertical list of options.

Discussions Landing Page Content Item

A special User Control Content Item serves as the primary display of Discussions on home pages and community landing pages. This Discussions Landing Page Content Item is based on the ws:Discussions User Control. By default, this Content Item displays all Discussions posts to which a user has access in chronological order. Different users see different posts depending on their Community memberships.  The default display of ws:Discussions is 5 items maximum over the past 30 days.  These values can be modified by parameters.  For example, adding the parameters DaysBack="90" and NumberToShow="50" will limit the display to the last 50 and/or those within the last 90 days.

Common Uses and Configurations

The ws:Discussions User Control allows for multiple configurations to support different business needs. Content Items based on this User Control display Discussion posts customized to each user based on the individual user's Community memberships and Security Groups. Its header supports a toggle between the most recent Discussion posts and the most rated posts.


It is routinely utilized to achieve the following goals:

  • Display all recent posts to which the user has access on a home page
  • Display all posts to a Community's Discussion on a Community Microsite home page or Community Landing page
  • Display the posts of a single user

Specific configurations are achieved through Parameters. The Webcontrols page of HUG assists Admins create a Parameters list that meets specific needs. See the Landing Page Content Items page for a list of Parameters for configuring toggle states and headers.


A common need is for a important posts to remain atop the list of posts displayed on a Discussions Landing Page Content Item.  This is achieved through "pinning". When pinning functionality is established for a client all Discussions posts accessed online will include a link to "pin this post to the top". This link will appear to HLAdmins in the middle of the post-specific button set with "Reply to Discussion" as the primary option. Pinned posts will appear at top of Content Items based on the ws:Discussions User Control that include a ShowPinned="True" Parameter.

Message Digest and Message Digest Dashboard

Display of Discussion Threads

Discussion threads for a community are browsed on the discussion tab of community landing pages on main sites.  On community microsites the page is generally linked from the main navigation. Threads across all discussions can be browsed from the browse>discussions page from the main navigation on many sites. 

These displays utilize the eg:DigestViewer user control.  The display of discussion threads is largely not configurable, displaying the most recent threads in chronological order. 

View Thread

The default view for reading Discussion posts is within the context of their threads. The View Thread page utilizes the eg:ViewThread User Control. This is the primary page for reading Discussions posts.


The oldest (originating) post for the thread appears at top with the most recent post at bottom. This allows the user to read the entire string in chronological order as they scroll down the page.


The post-specific button set allows users to reply and take other actions.  HLAdmins, Community Admins and users will see "Edit" as an option in this menu. 

Best Answer

Configuration of "Best Answer" functionality is achieved by inclusion of ShowBestAnswer="True" Parameter.  Community Admins, HLAdmins, and the user who initiated the thread can see and apply the "Best Answer" option.

Closed Threads

Where established, Community Admins and Super Admins will see "Close Thread" in the button group for all posts in a thread.  When a thread is closed, it can be re-opened by Community Admins and Super Admins via a "Re-open Thread" option in the button group. When a thread is closed, non-admin users will see the button group replaced with a notification that the thread is closed.  Similar information is provided through a visual indicator on page code digestviewer where all threads are listed. 

Close thread functionality is established by including the ShowCloseThread="True" parameter on the eg:ViewThread control found on page code viewthread - the primary page for viewing discussion threads.


Message Page

The Message page - page code: message - is only accessible through moderation paths.
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