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Discussion Notifications

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2015 06:46PM EDT

Members of a Community can choose how often they want to receive emails for that Community's Discussion posts. This is done through the My Notifications page found under the "My Account" area visible only to the logged in user on their own profile. The word "notifications" is equivalent to "subscriptions" in some Admin areas.  

See the Community Email: Discussions & Consolidated Digests page for documentation on the templates used to send Discussion email. 

Initial Notification Level

Whether self-initiated or done by an HLAdmin, the initial notification level is established at the time of joining the Community.  The default notification level is displayed on the Admin site's Manage Community Types page near page bottom under the "Subscription Type" header.  For AMS-based communities this default is editable only by support ticket.  Users are prompted to set a subscription level immediately upon joining a Community. 

Notification Levels

There are three primary subscription levels a user can choose for any Discussion.  Users can also unsubscribe without leaving the Community.

Real Time

Users with a Discussion set to a Real Time Subscription level will receive an email for each Discussion post. In most cases these emails are sent by the mail server nearly instantaneously with every post.

Daily Digest

Users with a Discussion set to a Daily Digest Subscription level receive a single email compiling all posts over a 24 hour period. Delivery time for the Daily Digest is generally between 1AM and 5AM EDT and is not configurable. The Daily Digest messages of multiple Discussions cannot be compiled into a single email.

No Email

Just as it sounds, a no email notification level will allow a community member to not receive any Discussion notifications in their email inbox. 

Plain Text

While generally configured to not display, plain text is a notification option that can be offered.  Users with a Plain Text notification level will receive messages for every post at the same rate as a Real Time subscription.  The email received have the following characteristics:

  • Text format. HTML is stripped.
  • Allow a subscriber to respond to a message or create a new message from their email client.
  • Do not allow attachments


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