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Displaying Library Multimedia and Slideshows

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2013 03:37PM EDT

Library content containing audio, image, and video files can be displayed on any page of a website. Embedded players display audio, video and image files in library View Document pages.  This same player can be accessed to play/display these files within User Control Content Items on any webpage. It is fine to mix file types within a single content item - the slideshow/player will ignore the files it cannot include in the presentation.


First, upload your audio, video, and/or image files to a Library Entry using the "Standard File Upload" option. Then, take the following steps to embed a player in a separate Content Item anywhere on your website. It is easiest to accomplish with multiple browser windows or tabs.

  1. Navigate to the View Document page of the Library Entry whose multimedia content you wish to display.
  2. In a new tab or browser window, navigate to the page where you want to show the video or slideshow.  Click the link to "Add to this Page".
  3. Name the Content Item as you wish and select the Layout Area where you wish it to render.
  4. Scroll to page bottom and select "User Control" for the type of content.  In the "User Control class or path" field. Your input will depend on whetheryou want to display the Library Entry's images (jpg, gif, png, etc.) in a slideshow or multimedia (mp3, mp4, wav) through a player.
    1. If multimedia without image files the correct User Control is rl:EntryFlashPlayer.
    2. If the Libary Entry only includes a image files the correct User Control is rl:EntrySlideShow.
  5. Leave this tab open while you return to the browser tab/window displaying the View Document page of the content you wish to embed.
  6. On the View Document page the URL will appear similar to the one below.  Copy the portion bolded:
  7. Return to the browser/tab where you are adding the content.  Paste the document key into the parameters field, but reformat slightly so it appears as shown (changes bolded and in red): DocumentKey="3e70e729-9479-40d8-8156-8780552672c6"
  8. Add additional Parameters for height and width.  For a display in a page with a 3-column layout, suggested Parameters are Width="300" Height="249"
  9. Ensure you have a single space between all Parameters and click "save". This will return you to viewing the webpage where the video or slideshow will be embedded.
  10. Adjust the Content Item to render in the page as needed.  Click "Edit Navigation Page" to see the list of Content Items.  Utilize the cut/paste functionality as needed. 


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