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Last Updated: Nov 01, 2013 03:37PM EDT

All Library Entries (except webinars) are displayed on View Document pages, which provide the user and Admins with access to the files attached and social tools to comment on, link to, and rate the entry.  View Document page URLs are common across all Library Entries, but differentiated by the Document Key at the end of the URL.  When linking to content within a Library these View Document page URLs should always be used.

View Document Page Functionality

  • Dual players for images and multimedia (video/audio files) are opened to display content when files of image/video/audio are attached to a Library Entry.
  • Layout is customizable.  The Edit Navigation page for View Document defaults to the "Library Entry" layout option.  Any other layout option can be selected from the pull-down menu.
  • All page elements are customizable or removable.  Clients who do not wish to display author images, ratings, statistics, comments, etc. can remove them.  In many cases the text displayed can also be customized. 
  • The Name of the Library Entry is displayed by the primary header.  This can be disabled to show "View Document" if desired.
  • Authors are notified of comments added through email. 
  • "Edit" and "Delete" links moved to the Actions area. These appear only to those with editing rights.
  • Permalinks now accessed through a link to minimize page length.
  • The library attachments - individual files - are displayed with an icon indicating the type of file.  Both the file name and the icon are links to open/use/save the file. Clicking on these links will open most files using a program on the user's computer. PDFs will open in the browser through a dedicated URL For security purposes, these PDF URLs are time-sensitive and will not work after a short period of time.

Standard View Document Page

The majority of Library Entries have a single file attachment. The multimedia and slideshow players display above the Attachment(s) list if image/video/audio files are included.


Customizing File Ordering on View Document Pages

A single Library Entry can contain dozens of individual files. When accessed through a View Document page, those files are displayed in order of file size. This default can be changed by editing the Library Entry and rearranging the files through drag/drop on the Describe Your Files step of the Library Wizard.


The display can also be managed through the addition of Parameters to the rl:EntryUploadFileList User Control for View Document pages. Take the following steps to change the display order of these files.

Instructions: Changing the display order of files on View Document pages through Parameters

  1. Access any View Document page for a Library Entry. Opening any Library Entry that is not a webinar will accomplish this.
  2. Click on "Edit this Page". This will display the Content Items used on the page.
  3. Click on the Content Item called "Attachment(s)". This will open the Enter/Edit Content page.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and add the Parameter needed in the User Control Parameters field.
    1. SortByTitle="true" to alphabetically sort by the title (if present) or file name (if no title present)
    2. SortByFileName="true" to sort alphabetically by file name regardless of the presence of a title

Following the completion of these steps the display order of files will be changed per the Parameter. This will change the rendering order of files for all View Document pages.

User Controls for View Document Pages

Design View Document Pages to meet the needs of the users of your libraries through Parameters.

Content Item Name,
Default Layout Area and Purpose
Content Item User ControlCommon Customization Options
(see Common Parameters list below)

 Entry Type Redirector

Layout Area: 1
Opens webinars in correct page


None - modifications not recommended

Access Tracker

Layout Area: 1
Collects use data


None - modifications not recommended

Author Image

Layout Area:1
Profile image of author


  • Show or don't show as desired
  • Modify height and width through Parameters



Layout Area:5
Main header, shows entry name


Hide the Content Item to display "View Document" in the main header for all entries



Layout Area:2
Poster and timestamp data/links


Show or do not show posted by, posted in, or posted on data through Parameters.

Average Rating

Layout Area: 4
Compilation of user star ratings


  • Hide Content Item to disable the use of star ratings
  • Change tooltips for the different star ratings through Parameters.



Layout Area:3
Displays text information


Submit a ticket if you wish to allow HTML/hyperlinks

Moderation Edit

Layout Area:3
Allows approval by Admins


Hide the Content Item if no libraries are moderated.

Creative Commons

Layout Area:3
Shows licensing information


Hide the Content Item if no libraries require legal notices.


Layout Area:3
Allows hyperlink entries


None specific

Moderation Status

Layout Area:3
Update for admins


Hide the Content Item if no libraries are moderated.


Layout Area:3
Display multiple media files


Modify height/width through Parameters

SWF Player

Layout Area:3
SWF file player


Modify height/width through Parameters

Media Display

Layout Area:3
Primary multimedia player


Modify height/width through Parameters

YouTube Display

Layout Area:3
YouTube player


Modify height/width through Parameters


Layout Area:3
List of files attached


Disable the ability to download video files through HideIfStreaming Parameter


Determine the number of file attachment to show.


Tags and Keywords

Layout Area:2
Includes links to search/add


Hide the Content Item if no libraries use tags


Layout Area:4
Favorite, Permalink and Edit Links


Show or hide specific links through parameters



Layout Area:4
Data on entry views/use


Show or hide specific data through parameters

Related Entries and Links

Layout Area:5
User contributed links


  • Hide the Content Item to disable user-contributed hyperlinks
  • Show to members as desired



Layout Area:5
User contributed comments


  • Hide the Content Item to disable user-contributed comments
  • Show to members as desired





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