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Last Updated: Nov 01, 2013 03:37PM EDT

Webinars are online tutorials.  Higher Logic webinar functionality allows recorded webinars to be hosted within Library Entries and stored within Resource Libraries.  As with all Resource Libraries, dedicated webinar libraries can be protected to members.  


Webinars now exist as a unique Entry Type for which dedicated libraries can be created.  A user’s inclusion of the URL of a webinar will automatically result in iframe formatting in the resource library. 


The functionality is currently configured for Adobe Connect and Brainshark. Other webinar platforms can be integrated as needed.  Please use the ticket system to request.

The Webinar Details Page

Uploading Webinars

The Upload Wizard automatically utilizes two specialized pages when the Entry Type of Webinar is selected. 

The Webinar Details page is encountered first, and is the most specialized page in the upload path.  It provides four fields to include all needed webinar information:

  • Link to Webinar, in which the user pastes in the Webinar link (from Adobe Connect or another platform provider)
  • Webinar Length, to specify the running time
  • Presenters, to specify the hosts of the webinar
  • Link to Survey, to allow for immediate assessment of the webinar following its use

After these fields are completed, the next page in the upload path is Categorize Your Webinar page, which allows tags and keywords to be selected.

Playing Webinars

Webinars are shown to users through a dedicated page, called View Webinar page.  The View Webinar page is very similar to View Document pages, and can be customized as desired.   See the documentation titled View Document Pages section on User Controls for View Document Pages for more information.


Highlighting Webinar Functionality

The Webinar functionality is powerful.  Consideration of a dedicated "Webinars Library" and a web page displaying the webinars uploaded is recommended (see above for instructions to create a library-specific Library Documents page).  Dedicated links to upload webinars are already enabled, but are disabled by default allowing organizations to decide when and how they want to "roll out" webinar capability.  The functionality to include an "Add New Webinar" link in the site navigation under "Resources" is already established. 

Instructions: take the following steps to enable the "Add a Webinar" link.

  1. On the Navigation Page, click on "Resources" on the left-hand Navigation side. This will expose the Page Folders representing secondary navigation.
  2. Select the Page Folder for "Add a Webinar".  This folder will be faded, indicating it is not a live link.  After selecting it the name of the folder will appear in a light-blue box, indicating it is selected.
  3. On the left-hand "Navigation" side, click Edit.  This will expose the Edit Navigation page
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the "Show/Hide Navigation" area.   Select the radio button for "Show this navigation and its content on the site". 
  5. Click "Save"

The link to "Add a Webinar" will be live in the main navigation under "Resources".



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