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Last Updated: Jun 29, 2016 01:49PM EDT

The Higher Logic Content Management System provides an admin environment of CMS Pages for the management of Microsites. Through them aspects of a website's navigation, content, look/feel, and other aspects can be understood, established and/or modified.

Webmaster Links

Most of the pages used by admins to modify web content are directly accessible from the Content Management System links (CMS Links) found atop most CMS pages. These are shown below as seen on the Navigation Page.

Most CMS Links provide access to a CMS Page. The "Return" CMS Link is the exception - it returns the Admin to the page from which they entered the Admin-only environment.

CMS Pages

Occasionally, it will be necessary for Admins to click-through to the interface that allows them to accomplish a given goal.


Interface  Description

Access Point

Webmaster Links All web editing begins with the Webmaster Links - three links that appear under the Main Button Bar on every page of a Microsite. All Website Pages
Navigation Page The Navigation Page is the central hub for your web site. From the Navigation page you are, at most, one click away from the pages to make all significant page edits. All Website Pages
Content Page The Content Page provides information on and links to all the active and inactive Content Items on a page. All Website Pages
Edit Navigation Pages Every page of a website has a Edit Navigation page that allows an Admin to establish page layout and how links to the page will appear throughout the site's navigation. All navigation changes to webpages are performed through an Edit Navigation page. Navigation Page
Enter/Edit Content Pages Every Content Item has a Enter/Edit Content page that allows Admins to make changes to that area of a web page. All content changes to a Website web pages are performed through an Enter/Edit Content page. Multiple
Site Setup Pages The Site Setup link provides access to six Site Setup Tabs. These for are arranged as a wizard to help Admins roll out new Microsites and can be accessed individually. CMS Links
Ads Page Site ads are managed through a dedicated page. Ads images are uploaded, linked, and display controlled through the Ads page CMS Links
Site List The list of all websites.  It includes interfaces to establish site admins, copy sites, and set sites to "archived" status. CMS Links
Website Traffic Report The "Traffic" link accesses a dashboard for pulling traffic reports and graphs. CMS Links
Theme Editor The page on which Themes, color scheme and unique CSS that can be applied to multiple Microsites, are edited and managed. CMS Links


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