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Website Setup Wizard

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2013 03:37PM EDT

The Website Setup area is where Admins make changes that impact their entire site, including a new theme, banner image changes, and establishing the contact person who receives email through the Contact Us page.  It has six tabs arranged as a wizard for establishment of a new site.  Each of these tabs can be accessed outside of the wizard for one-off changing any aspect of the site template.   

Where it is  

The Website Setup page is only accessible from the CMS Links.  The direct route from any webpage is:


1) Click "Edit this Page", "Add to this Page, or "Edit Navigation"

2) Click on the "Site Setup" link in the CMS Links.


How to Use

The Site Setup area has six sub-pages. These are oriented as a wizard that is encountered at initial site setup, but any of the tabs can be selected directly.

Site Name Tab

This is the default tab that is open when first visiting a new microsite or clicking the Site Setup from any Admin page. Fields allow the site to be renamed and a short link established. Google Analytics can also be established here.

Admin Tab

HLAdmins (SuperAdmins) establish what areas of a microsite can be edited by other Admins. Editing access to Color Picker, Advanced CSS, and specific main website images can be disabled for any microsite here.  Community Admins do not have permission to see this tab.

Layout Tab

Admins can choose between main navigation styles here. It is also possible to disable the Welcome Box and Site Search through the Layout Tab.

Theme Tab

Admins can select the site color Theme here, or use Color Picker to make a non-transferable color scheme via the "Local Design" option. The Advanced CSS field is also accessed through Color Picker on the Colors Tab.

Images Tab

Admins can change Banner Images and set Content Item notices through the Options Tab. Permissions to allow editing of specific images are established on the Site Setup area's Admin Tab.

Contact Us

All Microsites have a "Contact Us" page which allows users to contact a person for more information or regarding site content.  Learn more about using this tab on the Changing Contact Us Information page.


  • When using the Website Setup page, clicking the "Next" Button will proceed to the next tab.  Clicking "Finish" will save all changes made to the current or previous tabs, and return the Admin to the Navigation Page.   


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