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Site Setup: Theme Tab

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2015 05:32PM EDT

The Theme Tab allows Admins to select an establish color theme or go deeper and set individual site colors with Color Picker. Further, the Theme Tab provides access to the Advanced CSS Editor. This functionality is contained in three distinct areas of the site.

Radio Button Selector

An Admin makes the main selection for the design of the Microsite at the top of the page through a prominent radio button. The left selection, "Select a Theme", allows a theme to be selected from the list of themes.  The right selection, "Local Design", prompts the user to make selections with the Color Picker tool in lieu of a Theme.


These two options represent the two choices HLAdmins have for establishing a site's color scheme - a "Local Design" that cannot be transported to another site - or- a "Theme" that can be transported and applied to multiple sites at the same time.

Theme Selection

The list of Themes presented to the user on this page includes the opportunity to see any of those Themes "in action". All sites using a given Theme can be opened from the "Sites Using This Theme" column. When an Admin has identified the selection desired the radio button to the left of the Theme name should be selected. Editing and copying of Themes is accomplished through the Theme Manager page.

Local Design - Intentionally Limited Designs

Local Design is generally the best option only for Community Microsites where a Community Admin wants total control over a site's design. It is generally not the best option for any site under management by a HLAdmin as the local selections are not transportable to another site.


While this functionality is included here to meet some specific business needs, it is It is generally recommended that HLAdmins develop color schemes through Theme Manager. The use of Theme Editor allows color schemes to be copied, edited and applied across Microsites. Except by copying the website there is no way to apply a Local Design color scheme to another Microsite. Again, Color Picker choices are not applied to a Theme here - unique, Microsite-specific colors are established.




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