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Last Updated: Oct 18, 2015 06:01AM EDT

The pages and links of a website are the basis of the user experience. A more technical name for the links of a website is "navigation". The navigation of a website refers to the organization of webpages within a website. The Navigation of Higher Logic Websites generally include a Primary Navigation, Secondary Navigation, Top Auxiliary Navigation, and Bottom Auxiliary Navigation. Left-side navigation is also occasionally seen on Higher Logic websites. Navigation and Navigation Items are managed on the Navigation Page.


For the purposes of this documentation the word "navigation" will refer to the structure of hyperlinked Webpages in a Website. The term "navigation item" - generally referring to a webpage - is technically correct. The less-ambiguous term "webpage" is more often used in this documentation.


The main areas of Navigation are:

Primary Navigation

The "main button bar" is also referred to as the "primary navigation". The most common site navigation structure relies on a horizontal stripe of links directly under the website header. These links will generally provide access to the secondary navigation on click.  When a primary navigation option has "children" - secondary navigation items - click will not open a webpage but will expose the child navigation.

Secondary Navigation

The links that drop-down at hover over primary navigation items are the secondary navigation. Configurations allow the secondary navigation to be a single column, multiple columns (mega menu), or disabled completely. Secondary navigation items are children of primary navigation items. This relationship is easily distinguished on the Navigation Page.


Secondary navigation items can support their own children - these are "third-level" or tertiary navigation items.

Top Auxiliary Navigation

Also known as the "text links at top" the links at the very top of website pages are often used to link webpages supporting Contact Us forms, the code of conduct, and the links to Admin areas. They are also a popular location for providing links to external websites.

Bottom Auxiliary Navigation

Also known as the "text links at bottom" the links at the bottom of website pages often perform similar duties as the top auxiliary navigation. They are often configured to work in concert with the footer.

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