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Last Updated: Oct 18, 2015 06:39AM EDT

Higher Logic webpages consist of "chunks" of content.  These are referred to as Content Items. There are seven different types of Content Items, each presenting different options to an Admin/Webmaster.  As pictured below, the radio buttons allowing Admins to select the Content Item Type are on the Edit Content pages directly above the HTML Editor.


Seven Content Item Types

primary use: mixed text, links, images, and embedded content

HTML Content Items contain HTML code, and generally present text/pictures/hyperlinks and other content to users. HTML Content Items are built and edited on the Enter/Edit Content pages - either using the HTML Editor or through direct coding in the HTML tab. This is the default Content Item Type. Newly-created content items display the HTML Editor by default.

Uploaded File
primary use: opening documents and files from the navigation

Uploaded File Content Items contain a single uploaded file which is accessed through links in the navigation. Using this option, an admin can have a PDF, DOC, XLS or other file open directly through the site's navigation - including the main button bar. This should not be confused with uploaded files in HTML Content Items, which achieve largely the same result but with links to files in the HTML of a webpage.

primary use: dedicated links in the navigation

Hyperlink Content Items render a specific web page. This option is used to create a direct link to web page in the navigation of a Microsite. Hyperlink Content Items can link to external web sites or Microsite pages. Hyperlink Content Items should not be confused with hyperlinks in HTML Content Items, which achieve largely the same result through the HTML of a webpage.

User Control
primary use:
HL Products

User Control Content Items utilize specific page types and pre-established code options through User Control keywords. The rendering and function of User Control Content Items can be modified by Parameters which provide further instructions or place specific constraints on the functionality of the User Control. The rendering of web content related to Higher Logic Products, such as Discussions, Libraries, and Blogs, is accomplished through User Controls.

MVC Action
primary use:
HL Products


Similar to User Controls, but based on the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. MVC Action controls accept parameters identically to User Control Content Items.

Syndicated Content
primary use: replicating content

Content replicated from other pages within the universe of Microsites.

primary use: embed of external content

JavaScript (JS) Content Items allow scripts to run within a webpage.  The site administrator has two options for input - inline script or a URL.  Note that many 3rd party embed scripts have multiple of these elements within them.  It may be necessary to split a JS embed script into multiple Content Items when the code provided has script tags are mixed with URLs.  

Selecting a Content Type

Select the type of the Content Item on the Enter/Edit Content Page. The radio buttons for all Content Types (pictured below) initially appear directly above the Web Editor. The Web Editor will disappear with relevant fields when a Content Type other than HTML is selected.


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