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Syndicated Content

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2013 03:37PM EDT

Admins can syndicate - or replicate - content from other pages within their universe of Microsites and Websites. Syndication is much preferred to copy/pasting Content Items across multiple web pages as edits made to a syndicated Content Item are reflected across the site. There are some restrictions to the types of content that can be syndicated. 

Important Points

    1. The simplest way to use Syndication is for the Syndicate-from page to have a single Content Item. Pages with multiple Content Items will work - all the Content Items will be Syndicated.  
    2. The layout of a Syndicated Content Item is determined on the originating page. For best results, make sure your Syndicate-from page and Syndicate-to page have the same Page Layout.
    3. The page being syndicated must have a Page Code. If necessary, input a Page Code on the Edit Navigation Page for the page to be syndicated.
  • Instructions

    Follow these instructions carefully and refer to the glossary terms as needed:

    1. Go to the Navigation Page of the Microsite you wish to receive the Syndicated Content. Create a new Content Item on the page for syndicated content:
      1. On the navigation side of the Navigation Page, click once on the Page Folder of the page you want the syndicated content to appear in. This will display the list of Content Items for that page on the right-hand Content side of the Navigation Page.
      2. Click on the Content Item you want the syndicated content to follow. Then click “New” on the right-hand Content side.
      3. A new Content Item icon representing your new page will appear.
    2. Edit the new Content Item to receive the Syndicated Content. With the new content item selected on the right-hand Content side of the Navigation Page, click "Edit". This will bring you to the Enter/Edit Content page.
    3. Rename the Content Item as needed.
    4. Be sure to Unclick the "show" box next to the items name.
    5. Be sure to select the correct Content Area for the Syndicated Content to render in. The default is Content Area #1. Refer to the schematic to choose the correct number.
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the page where the HTML Editor is visible. Atop the HTML Editor select the radio button for "Syndicated Content". This will replace the HTML Editor with two drop-down selection fields. Select the home website of the Syndicated Content with the top selection field. Then select the name of the Syndicated Content page from the second field.
    7. Click save.
     This will syndicate the content to the Content Item specified.


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