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Directory Search Interfaces

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2013 03:38PM EDT

The basic Directory search interface allows for members to use first name, last name and email fields to find others in the Directory. The link to Advanced Directory Search is also present on the Basic Directory Search page.


The Advanced Directory Search interface allows all enabled Demographics to be searched.


Directory Search pages are based on one of two User Controls. The differences between these controls are only apparent on the display of Directory search results. The ds:FindContactSearch continues to function, but has been updated by ds:FindContactSearch2. The newer User Control provides Google Maps and multiple address/phone display on search results. Learn more about the display options for ds:FindContactSearch2 on the Directory Search Results page.


Adding New Demographics to Advanced Search Options

It is recommended you complete this task after creating new Demographic-based Content Items on the Profile page. Take the following steps to add new Demographics to the Advanced Search page.  

  1. Access the Manage Demographics page of the CCAdmin interface. Click "choices" for the new Demographic you created. This will open the Demographic List Setup page. The URL of that page will end in the key for the demographic.  Copy the portion of the URL similar to DemographicTypeKey=12345.
  2. Go back to the main site and click on the "Advanced Search" link under Directory. When the Profile page renders select "Edit Navigation" to open the Navigation Page for your site.
  3. On the right-hand Content side of the Navigation Page, identify the Content Item you want the new Demographic to show below. Select this Content Item and click "New" on the right-hand Content side.
  4. In the Parameters field, click paste to paste in the DemographicTypeKey=12345 information you copied earlier.
  5. Modify this by placing quotation marks around the key, such as DemographicTypeKey="12345"
  6. In the User Control field, add ds:FindContactDemographic
  7. If the Demographic is consists of a single field of text the configuration needs an additional Parameter to allow for free-form text searches to complete.  Add the demographic FreeFormIncludes="true" to allow the user to input any text in the search field for the demographic. Demographics that originate through check-box or radio button inputs should not include this Parameter.
  8. Click "Save"

The Demographic will be added to the search page.


Excluding Security Group Members from the Directory

It is common to not want specific Security Groups - such as certain member types or staff - to show in searches of the member directory. Add the following User Control and Parameters to not show members of specific Security Groups in search results.

  1. Conduct a Directory search to access the Directory results page
  2. Click on the "Add to this Page" webmaster link. This will begin the process of creating a new Content Item.
  3. Name the new Content Item "Directory - Excluded Security Groups"
  4. Unclick the box by the title field marked "show"
  5. Switch the Content Item Type from HTML to User Control via the radio buttons atop the HTML Editor.  The HTML Editor will disappear.
  6. Input ~/HigherLogic/Directory/ExcludeSecurityGroupMembers.ascx in the User Control Path or Field box.
  7. In the Parameters field, add the Parameter SecurityGroupList="AAA,BBB,CCC" where AAA, BBB, and CCC are Security Groups. The values for the Parameter should be a comma-delimited list.
  8. Click "save"



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