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Last Updated: Oct 17, 2015 07:45PM EDT

Higher Logic Announcements can be established for a single Community or an entire organization.  Announcements can be configured to allow for different posting and display options. RSS can be enabled for announcements, allowing users to add any kind of Announcement to their RSS reader.

Standard Display


User Control for Announcements

All Announcements are established and displayed through the ws:Announcements User Control. Such Content Items will both display Announcements and allow for the posting of new Announcements. The ws:Announcements User Control supports dozens of Parameters allowing customization of display and addition/limitation of functionality.

Who Can Post Announcements

HLAdmins can post Announcements of any type.  Community Admins can post to Announcements for the Communities they serve. These are the only users with rights to post Announcements.

Announcements Security

Announcements without a community attribution are public and are only limited by CMS access settings for the page or content item on which the announcements display.  Rights to view Announcements for a Community follow the view "Who Can View Your Community?" setting on the community established on the Edit Community Settings page.  Learn more about community security on the Community Access Permissions page.

Initial Configuration for Announcements

Unless disabled, clients have Announcements configured for them. The main website will have an Announcements Content Item on the home page and a hidden page listing all these Announcements serving as an archive. This hidden page is accessed through the "View More" link to see all Announcements at the bottom of the Content Item on the Home page. The essential Content Items for both of these use the ws:Announcements User Control. In many cases the AnnouncementType Parameter for both the home page display and the hidden page is set to "MainHome" initially. Both the Content Item on the home page and the main Announcements page can be easily configured to show all Announcements across all Communities.


Community websites and webpages are configured similarly. Community Landing pages and, for most clients, Community Microsites have Community-specific Announcements pre-configured for them.


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