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RSS for Announcements

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2014 01:38PM EST

RSS allows Announcements to be included in a user's RSS reader and displayed on external websites. When established an RSS icon displays in the main header. This icon provides a URL for that announcement.

Establishing RSS for an Announcements Content Item

RSS is easy to "turn on" for Announcements.  Once established, RSS can support external outputs of the Announcements.

Instructions: Establishing RSS for an Announcements User Control

  1. Access the Enter/Edit Content page for the Content Item utilizing the ws:Announcements User Control.
  2. Disable the show title box. If the "Show" box is checked next to the Title field atop the page, unclick it.
  3. Click Send Title. To the right of the User Control path or field input box, click the "Send Title" box.
  4. Add the required Parameter. In the User Control Parameters field add IsRSSEnabled="true".
  5. Click "Save"

This will display the standard RSS icon in the header for the Content Item. This URL accessed through this icon can be added to such aggregators as Google Reader. It also is the basis for display of Announcements on external websites. External display may require reformatting through such tools as Yahoo Pipes or Google Feedburner. Explore the use of these tools for optimal formatting.

Displaying Announcements on External (non-Higher Logic) Websites

The URL accessed through the RSS icon in the Content Item header can be the basis for display of Announcements on external websites. Additionally, RSS URLs can be created using common variables and the content type key for Announcements. The RSS content key for Announcements is 767a4236-163e-4c698a93baa7d7762196 for all clients. To establish an all-announcements feed URL, use the link below as a model, changing only the YOURSITEURL to that of your organization.


This can be extended through variables (parts of the URL after the "?" or "and" symbols) as shown below. Again, replace YOURSITEURL to that of your organization and change ANNOUNCEMENTTYPE to the variable from the Parameter established for a unique Announcement Type.


To learn more, see RSS documentation.


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