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Event Calendar

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2013 03:38PM EDT

Event Calendar is the standard Higher Logic event product. The cm:Calendar and ws:EventList User Controls allow for the display of events. These User Controls support many parameters allowing Admins to establish multiple kinds of event lists and calendar displays.


Event Manager is a separate Higher Logic product allowing for event registration and management. The code base for Event Manager is an extension of the code used for Event Calendar.  As a result many points of configuration are common across the products.


Event Calendar allows the establishment of the following for events:


Day/Time/Place/Time Zone

These required event elements are standard for all events.  Multiple day events are supported.


Community attribution

The selection of a Community is possible for all Communities where the Community Type is set to yes for "Can have calendar" on the Manage Community Type page and "Calendar Events" are allowed on the Manage Community page. With this configuration not complete for any Community/Community Type no Community selection option will appear to users when creating events.


Community Landing Pages and Microsites automatically display only the events attributed to a specific Community. Any display of events can be limited to a specific community through the inclusion of a Parameter (see below)


Event Type designation

Event Types are managed on the Manage Event Types page of CCAdmin allows HLAdmins to create different kinds of events for an organization. Event Types allow users to sort events efficiently and allow for type-specific displays through Parameter (see below)


HTML description

The HTML description allows for the inclusion of embedded videos, files, links to other webpages and more through an HTML Editor.


Logo image

A unique logo can be established for all events.  The logo displays on event lists.


Point of contact

A point of contact with email address can be established for each event.


Personal calendar inclusion

"add to calendar" links for each event, allowing inclusion of an event into a user's Outlook or other calendar.


External webpage links

Event Calendar does not support registration for events (See Event Manager, a separately-licensed Higher Logic product, for that functionality). Event Calendar does allow for inclusion of URLs to link to external webpages supporting registration and more information.



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