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Tags for Events

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2014 03:09PM EST

Tags can be applied to Events on the Event Description page. Tags are applied to new events after events are created.


The configuration supporting Event tagging includes the following steps on the pages indicated:


The primary display of events will, by default, display any tags associated with individual events on the Calendar's List View. Further, the selection tools at the top of List View and Calendar View can include an area to allow only events with particular tags to be displayed. To display the Tag Filter include the ShowTagFilter="True" Parameter on the main Calendar Content Item based on cm:Calendar.

Event Description Pages:

A Content Item utilizing the hlcommon:ItemTagEdit User Control should be established on the Event Description page. This User Control should have the following Parameters active:

  • ItemKeyParameter="CalendarEventKey"
  • SearchPageCode="SearchEvents"

Search Events Page

The Search Events page, with Page Code SearchEvents, generally uses a single Content Item based on HLCommon:Search. This Content Item needs to have the following Parameters included: 

  • ShowIcon="true" ShowAdvancedMode="true"
  • ShowTagsList="true" ShowFileTypes="false"
  • SearchCalendarEvents="true"
  • ResultsOnSeparatePage="true"
  • PageCode="SearchEvents"
  • ExcludePastCalendarEvents="true"

CCAdmin Tagging Area: 

Tag Groups must be allowed for Events on the CCAdmin Manage Tag Groups page by clicking the "Events" checkbox in the "Applies to Content Types" area.


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