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Event Manager

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2015 08:02AM EST

Event Manager allows an organization to create robust events that feature:

  • Events with paid registration
  • Events with one-click RSVP registration
  • Community-specific payment paths
  • Event Sessions
  • Additional Add-ons to be purchased at registration
  • Robust reports
  • Variable event creation configurations - community members can create events and/or community admins can create events (Super Admins can always create and edit events).

Event Manager - Points of Configuration

A primary role of the Super Admin is to create the configuration options for the events that can be created.  These include the following points of configuration:

  • Event Types:  Almost all events in an organizational calendar are repeating events -- from the routine meetings of chapters to the large annual conference. An Event Type is a template that allows differing amounts of event functionality to be present for different kinds of events.Event functionality can be provided or withheld by event types.  For example, Early Bird Registration can be disabled if desired.   By managing event types a Super Admin can ensure the consistency of events across an organization’s sub-groups.

    The Managing Event Types page is under Events on the Admin site navigation.  Individual Event Types can be created, modified and deleted here.  When using this page a Super Admin should keep in mind that users creating different kinds of events will have different possible configurations.  Someone creating an event an admin may not see all the configuration options they are accustomed to seeing or that they desire for that particular event.  In these cases the event creator can either select a different event type or an Super Admin can change the Event Type configuration. 

    The Event Type should never be deleted where active events exist for that type. 
  • Default Payment Provider: Communities can have a unique PayPal configuration, allowing community accounts to receive funds resulting from community events.  The "backstop" payment account is configured on the Payment Providers page in the Admin site under events.  It is important that the default provide be configured here before any events are created.
  • Registrant Classes: Registrant classes allow different prices to be determined by Security Group.  A Super Admin will have to establish the Registrant Classes that match Security Groups for Advanced Pricing event configurations to be successful.  The Registrant Classes that can be established are configured on the Admin site's Option/Session Categories Page.
  • Options and Session Categories: Options and Sessions are often features of an event.  Registration Options, also known as Add-ons, are things beyond registration that can be purchased by a registrant.  Sessions are the elements of the event that are free to attend with registration. 

    An Option Category for "Merchandise" would be appropriate if Add-ons such as coffee mugs and t-shirts were purchasable at registration.  A multi-track meeting could have Session Categories of "Basic Track" and "Advanced Track" for example. The kinds of Options and Sessions that can be established are configured on the Admin site's Option/Session Categories Page.

Event Calendar

Event Calendar is a separate Higher Logic product - essentially a "lite" calendar version that does not allow for event registration and management. The calendar and event list functions of Event Calendar and Event Manager are largely similar, the primary difference being that Event Calendar omits registration and rsvp buttons. As a result many points of configuration are common across the products. For more information, see configuring event displays and establishing tagging for events.
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