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Legacy Search: Advanced Search

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2016 04:19PM EST
Note: as of February 2016 faceted search is the lead search experience on the Higher Logic platform. The faceted search experience is considered superior to the legacy search experiences provided by basic and advanced search provided by the hlcommon:Search control.  The hlcommon:Search control has not been deprecated, but the configuration options documented here are of limited value.  

Basic Search is helpful to survey all the content on a large topic, but many times a user will have a good idea of what documents or files they want to access. Advanced search allows users to input more information to return fewer, and more-high-quality, search results by specifying dates, types of content, and more.

Where it Helps

Advanced Search can complement Basic Search or stand alone to assist users find specific content relevant to common page types. Consider the following application options for Advanced Search in the web sites you manage:

  • As the "deeper option" linked to the main search page
  • As a dedicated search for a specific content area, such as your Blogs page, narrowed to only return relevant results.
  • As a hub for accessing a certain type of content. If you have a lot of videos over several libraries, a dedicated search to return only videos could be a key element of a "featured videos" page.

Advanced Search as seen on www.hug.higherlogic.com

Installation: Step By Step

First, install Basic Search using the instruction above. When Basic Search is installed do the following: here Basic Search

  1. 1) Access the Enter/Edit Content page where Search is installed
    Scroll to the bottom to confirm the User Control class or path field contains hlcommon:Search. If necessary, create a new Content Item for Advanced Search.
  2. Choose the Access Option
    Depending on how you want users to access Advanced Search, input one (or both) of the following into the User Control Parameters field
    a) To add an Advanced Search link, to appear after the basic search input box, paste ShowAdvancedLink="true"
    b) To transform the Basic Search into Advanced Search, input ShowAdvancedMode="true"
  3. Click Save

Related Documentation

There are dozens of Parameters for Admins to expand or limit Advanced Search fields and rendering options, refer to other pages to modify search fields, limit search results, or change the display of search results. See the list of options available to you on the Search Parameters list.


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