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Legacy Search: Basic Search

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2016 04:21PM EST

Note: as of February 2016 faceted search is the lead search experience on the Higher Logic platform. The faceted search experience is considered superior to the legacy search experiences provided by basic and advanced search with the hlcommon:Search control.  The hlcommon:Search control has not been deprecated, but the configuration options documented here are of limited value.  

Basic Search is best when users should be presented with a single field for clarity’s sake. Used in combination with the option to show the Advanced Search link, users benefit from clarity and are a click away from all the benefits of Advanced Search. For Content Items based on hlCommon:Search an onFocus box allows users to select product areas and input date ranges and author information to narrow search results without accessing all the fields of Advanced Search.


Basic Search as seen on www.hug.higherlogic.com

Where it Helps

Search, without further modifications or options presented by Advanced Search, is most appropriate for a general site search. Through Parameters, it can be customized to provide specific results by type of content, making it a good addition to a “Blogs” or “Libraries” page. Presenting users with the option of accessing Advanced Search through a link is nearly always recommended.

Installation: Step By Step

From the Navigation Page take the following steps:

  1. Create a Content Item for Search
    Ensure the Page Folder for the page where you want to install Search is selected (the title will be in a light-blue box). On the right-hand side, under “Content” click “New”. This will create the Content Item and open the Enter/Edit Content Page. You may also re-dedicate an existing content item for Search.
  2. Name the Content Item
    Fill in the top field for the name of the Content Item.
  3. Change the Content Item to Type User Control
    Scroll to the bottom of the Enter/Edit Content Page. Above the HTML Editor are five radio buttons. Select the radio button for “User Control”. The HTML Editor will disappear.
  4. Input the User Control
    Two fields will replace the HTML Editor. The top one is labeled “User Control class or path”. In this field, input HLCommon:Search.
  5. Click Save

Related Documentation

Generally, installing Basic Search is the beginning of the process. Enhancements are made through the addition of Parameters. You likely want to add the link to allow users to benefit from Legacy Search: Advanced Search. Add this link by inserting ShowAdvancedLink="true" in the Parameters field.


See the complete list of Legacy Search: Search Parameters for more options.


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