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Tag Groups Admin Page

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2016 11:16AM EDT

The Tag Groups page consists of two areas. 


The Labels configuration area allows the names of Tag Groups to be on or off.  When on, the Tag Group name will serve as a prefix for tags in that group. Some interfaces, such as faceted search results, will never display Tag Groups.  The default is to not show these labels. 

Manage Tag Groups 

Below the label configuration area is the Tag Group area, the primary interface for this page. Here, Admins can:

  • Create a new Tag Group
  • Establish settings for all Tag Groups.
  • Edit existing Tag Groups
  • Access the tags list for a Tag Group.  Tags can be added or configured on the tag group page.

The Tag Groups list table appears as below.


The left columns inform Admins of the status of the ad groups at a glance.

  • Tag Group Name –  the name of the Tag Group
  • Applies to Content Types – the content types on which the Tag Group is in use
  • Administrator Only? – if yes, only admins can apply these tags to Content Items
  • Active? – if yes, the Tag Group is in use and tags from the group can be applied to the content types specified.  Note that tags from “inactive” Tag Groups may still be in place across site content if their Tag Group was made inactive after the tag was applied. 

The right-most columns provide admins with tools and links to manage the Tag Groups. 

  • Arrows – Allow an Admin to change the relative order of Tag Groups, from top to bottom.   The list is displayed in the order seen by the user.
  • Details -- access a usage report for the Tag Group and tags within the group. 
  • Edit Tags – Opens the tag setup page.  There, Admins can add tags to the Tag Group, order existing tags within the Tag Group, add a Tag Alias to a tag.  Admins can also give a “user defined tag” the status of “standard tag” through the tag setup page.
  • Edit Group – Opens the Tag Group page for that Tag Group.  There, Admins can change the settings for the Tag Group.  Changes made will be reflected in the status columns of the Tag Groups Admin page.
  • Delete – Allows an Admin to delete an entire Tag Group.  A pre-deletion warning will inform the admin how many times the tag has been used across content types.

Add/Edit Tag Group Page

The Add/Edit Tag Group configuration area is pictured below.

Here, an admin can add a new Tag Group and establish its settings.  Changes here will be reflected in the Manage Tag Group page.  

Add/Edit TagGroup points of configuration are:

  • Tag Group Name – The name of the Tag Group, this will automatically populate when “edit” is selected in the table above.  
  • Applies to Content Types – Select Yes or No to establish the content types and areas for which tags in the Tag Group can be used. 
  • Admin Only – If yes, only Admins can apply these tags to content items. If no, users can apply tags in this Tag Group on tagging controls where AllowCollaborativeEditing="True".  
  • Is Active – If yes, the Tag Group is in use and tags from the group can be applied to the content types specified.  If no, tags from the group cannot be applied and will not display in tag lists where previously applied.


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