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Tag Creation and Editing

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2016 12:22PM EDT

Tags are created and edited from the Tag Setup page, which is accessed by clicking “Edit Tags” in the Tag Groups Admin page.  The Tag Setup page displays the current tag list and allows these tags to be prioritized, edited, moved and deleted.

Tags are displayed with tag aliases and relative order of the tags when displayed for a user.  The up and down arrows allow the relative ranks of tags to be changed.  Three buttons at right allow further modifications, as specified below.

  • Move – allows the admin to place the tag in a different tag group via a pop-up box with a drop-down list of all the tag groups.
  • Edit – After clicking edit the admin will see that the term is in the tag name is in the tag name field of the Edit Tag field above.  This allows the admin to change the text of the tag and add Tag Aliases. 
  • Delete – Allows the admin to delete the tag.  A warning will inform the admin as to the tag’s use across content types prior to its final deletion.

Creating and Editing Tags

Clicking on the "Add Tag" button or "Edit" button for any tag listed on the Tag Setup page brings the user to the Add/Edit Tag interface.  Here, the tag name can be established or edited and Aliases can be established.

To create a new tag, simply type it into the Tag Name field.  Multiple word tags are allowed.  The Add/Edit Tag area is also where previously-created tags can be edited. 

Tag Aliases

Admins will want to create at least one “Tag Alias” for some tags.  Aliases are synonyms for a tag.  A search for an alias will have the same result as a search for a tag.  The first alias for any tag is created by clicking on the “add” link.  If an alias exists for a tag, simply add more aliases.  All aliases should be separated by a comma.   Multiple-word aliases are allowed. 

Standard Tags and User Created Tags

Standard Tags are tags configured by a Super Admin within Tag Groups. Standard Tags can be applied by all users with tagging rights. User Created Tags are tags created by users where allowed.  User Created tags are within their own tag group, and setting this tag group to inactive disables User Created tags. Global Admins can promote User Defined Tags to Standard Tags so that they might be accessed by all with tagging rights.



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