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Last Updated: Oct 18, 2015 05:46AM EDT


Ratings functionality allows a user to indicate their personal assessment of a piece of online content. The user experience of Recommend Ratings functionality centers on a thumbs-up image. By clicking on this image a user can simply indicate their approval or satisfaction of content, similar to the Facebook "Like" functionality established on millions of websites.

Recommend Ratings functionality can be established for Discussions posts, including Discussions-based email. It is not possible to establish Star Ratings for Discussions.

Recommend provides greater depth of user experience through the following:
  • The default word "recommend" is configurable. "Recommend" can be replaced with the word "like" or any other word/words indicating approval.
  • Count of those who Recommend is displayed as a hyperlink leading to pop-up box listing of users who have recommended, including profile pictures
  • Recommend Ratings can be applied to Discussions posts. Discussions-generated email (including daily digests) can support Recommend Ratings functionality.
As users rate content they generate Ratings data. This data is applied to allow users with options to sort content. The "top scorer" tab on the Library List View page is one content display option informed by Ratings data.

Pages with Ratings Functionality by Default

Product Page Name(s) (may vary) Content Item name (may vary)
and User Control
Access Path
(may vary)

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Library List

Library List
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Average Rating


Clicking on the title of any Library Entry on a Library List or multiple other pages

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My Blog

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Clicking on any title of a blog on the View Blogs page or other
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Glossary Entry


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Discussions posts can support Recommend Ratings. See the Installing Recommend Ratings page for a list of Discussions-based pages where Recommend Ratings can be applied.  Instructions to configure are included with comprehensive instructions on installing Recommend Ratings functionality.

See the Configuring Ratings page for instructions on configuring both Recommend Ratings and Star Ratings.






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