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Configuring Ratings

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2015 05:49AM EDT

Customizations of ratings pages are possible. Common configurations accomplished on the CCAdmin Ratings Configuration page and customizations performed through Parameters are listed below.  The Ratings Pages Table directly below includes all pages on which Ratings configurations can be applied. These are the webpages and Page Codes referred to in the Ratings Configuration Instructions below the table. Apply the Parameters in the instructions to a Content Item / User Control listed in the table.


Ratings Pages Table

Page Name(s) (may vary) Content Item Name (may vary)
and User Control
Access Path

My Favorites


Library List

Library List
My Favorites is often in the main navigation under My Profile.  Library List is accessed when clicking "View as List" for any Library.
View Document

Average Rating


Clicking on the title of any Library Entry on a Library List or multiple other pages

View Blogs


My Blog

View Blogs
Direct through navigation
Blog Viewer Blog Viewer
Clicking on any title of a blog on the View Blogs page or other
View Glossary




Direct through navigation
Glossary Entry

Glossary Entry


Clicking on any title of a blog on the View Blogs page or other
View Thread View Thread
Discussions Tab or other links in the new Communities interface. Numerous other paths.
Message Digest Message Digest
Clicking "View as List" to display thread view as a chronological list of messages



Only through search results


Ratings Configuration Instructions


Disabling All Ratings

Hide Ratings Functionality

Completely remove ratings functionality on webpages through the addition of a Parameter.


Hiding Ratings Count

The number of ratings can be set to not show through a Parameter.


Establishing an alternative to "recommend"

Establish a different set of wordings for Recommend Ratings on the CCAdmin site's Ratings Configuration page. Use the bottom four fields of the "Recommend/Like Settings" area of the page to install unique inputs.

Establishing Recommend Ratings for Discussions

Recommend Ratings can be established for Discussions content, but they must be established consistently for Discussions-generated email and the webpages that display Discussions posts.

1) Discussions-generated email

Turn on the use of Recommend Ratings on DIscussions-generated email on the on the CCAdmin site's Ratings Configuration page. Set the "Email Ratings Mode" field, the second field under Ratings Mode, to DailyDigestRecommendLike.


2) Discussions posts seen on web pages
Webpages featuring Discussions posts can display Recommend Ratings. See the Installing Recommend Ratings page for instructions.

Disabling the "People who Recommend This" pop-up box

Those who have Recommended content are displayed in a box seen by all users when clicking the link denoting the number of ratings. This can be disabled through a Parameter.





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