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Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015 09:36AM EST

RSS, or "really simple syndication" is a standard format for the display and updating of content across the internet. Higher Logic takes advantage of this standard to provide users and clients with the ability to display RSS feeds of external origin and to allow other websites, aggregators and readers to import Higher Logic content through RSS URLs. Higher Logic provides all users with the ability to create personal RSS feeds, and provides clients with the ability to display Higher Logic content on other websites through product-specific URLs..

Displaying RSS Feeds on Higher Logic Websites

External RSS Feeds are displayed through the ws:RSSReader User Control. This is the common path for displaying tweet lists from Twitter. If the URL is properly formatted, any RSS feed can be displayed using the steps and Parameters outlined on the External Social Media: Twitter page.

Generating RSS Feeds for External Use

Content created or displayed on Higher Logic websites can be exported externally via RSS URLs. These are created in three ways:

  • Announcements support individual RSS URLs. The RSS icons can appear on the headers for Announcements. See the RSS for Announcements page for more information.
  • All Users have a self-determined RSS feed that can include content across product areas. Users build their feeds and access the feed URL on the My RSS Feeds page. These feeds can be used in RSS readers and serve as the basis for display of new content on external websites.
  • Content Specific RSS URLs can be created using common keys and variables. These feeds are primarily used to display of new content on external websites.

See the Generating RSS Feeds for External Use page for more information and instructions.

RSS Feeds for External Use


Announcements supports specific RSS feeds. See the RSS for Announcements page details how to allow RSS for any Announcement User Control.

My RSS Feed

Users can create their own RSS feeds for inclusion in aggregators like Google Feedburner or Google Reader. A single feed containing only the content desired can be created by each user. This "My RSS Feed" can consist of site and community content from the following products:

  • Blogs
  • Discussions
  • Resource Library
  • Wiki Glossary

The My RSS Feed page is generally associated in the same area of site navigation as the Profile page.


Tabs for each of these product areas are displayed on the My RSS Feed page. The selections made determine the content delivered through the user-specific URL at the bottom of the page. This URL can be added to such aggregators as Google Reader and can be the basis for display of Announcements on external websites. External display may require reformatting through such tools as Yahoo Pipes or Google Feedburner. Explore the use of these tools for optimal formatting.

Content-specific RSS URLs

Specific Products and content types support RSS and can be exported via URL The URLs are created using standard keys and variables. For example, the RSS content key for Announcements is 767a4236-163e-4c698a93baa7d7762196 for all clients.

Product-specific URLs can be created for the following types of content:


  • Annnouncements
  • Blogs
  • Discussions
  • Resource Library
  • Wiki Glossary
  • Internal Messages

URL Formatting

Product-specific RSS URLs have strict formatting standards.  Specific content keys and variables must be coded consistent with the format requirements. Many of the variables are identical to Parameters used in support of a Content Item, with the addition of a preceding and or ? character and omitting the quotation marks.


An example of a properly formatted RSS URL for an Announcement of a specific Announcement Type follows. The content key is highlighted in yellow with additional variables in green.


Note that the URL would display a specific Announcement Type for any Higher Logic website with the YOURSITEURL and ANNOUNCEMENTTYPE replaced with meaningful inputs. Also note that the content key (the first variable) is preceded by a ?. The following variables are preceded by an and. This standard formatting applies to RSS feed URLs in general.


RSS Content Keys

The following keys are an essential element of all Product-specific RSS URLs. As the first variable in the URL, they are generally follow the aspx in the URL and are preceded by ?RSSContentKey=


Content Key Content Delivered when Used Other Variables Required
C14E3B08-AD7B-42D1-B496-129D252B2332 All Blogs ShowPublicRSS=true
8F70B293-08E6-4A2C-958D-1221DB6CCAF4 All Glossaries ShowPublicRSS=true
767A4236-163E-4C69-8A93-BAA7D7762196 Announcements ShowPublicRSS=true
BBD716D8-19A5-44B6-B801-494CCF4A2217 Document RSS ShowPublicRSS=true
580B6EA5-21A1-4578-91B7-DE29778CC84E Documents in Library ShowPublicRSS=true
A6DC06C7-C1CE-4D12-9234-B51AFF54FE7C eGroup Messages ShowPublicRSS=true
81B2E09A-9266-4367-9FD6-C9C3483C0717 Invitations ShowPublicRSS=true
191FA6DE-8BDA-4140-8A43-FCB47FA02067 Last7DaysMessages ShowPublicRSS=true
4666624D-D7A0-412C-B317-D33A10C7F039 Most Recent Documents in Library ShowPublicRSS=true
7BA4669D-3D5D-41DB-9918-C2AAF9970473 Most Recent Images in Library ShowPublicRSS=true
35C82CCE-23E3-491D-A111-AEF4F569242D Most Recent Presentations in Library ShowPublicRSS=true
6B26661D-7E0C-4208-943A-61391A190523 Most Recent Videos in Library ShowPublicRSS=true
86FFCA15-DB10-4685-89E7-59D830A538C4 My Contact's Blog ShowPublicRSS=true
D8C6E0F0-D372-4BB3-8574-125AF1313D45 My Inbox Messages ShowPublicRSS=true
CE0269D6-8CF9-4297-A58C-07434CBE0F48 Contact Requests ShowPublicRSS=true
9FC1268B-3F99-4D61-A1C1-608A70756024 Specific Member Blogs ShowPublicRSS=true
DDC091D3-F6A7-49C1-BE8B-EA00898D2803 Top Rated Documents in Library ShowPublicRSS=true




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