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Last Updated: Jul 14, 2016 09:27AM EDT


Higher Logic’s Mentoring module allows an organization to establish an online Mentoring program for use by members (and authenticated nonmembers, if desired). A user must enroll in the Mentoring program as a Mentor, Mentee or both before they are able to request a mentoring relationship with another enrolled user. The Mentoring Enrollment pages allow the user to select choices for specific Mentoring demographics, such as Mentoring Topics and Mentoring Venue, to establish their Mentoring profile(s). Upon successful enrollment, a Mentor or Mentee badge is placed on the enrolled user’s main profile and Mentor/Mentee profile(s) to designate their participation in the program and to allow other enrolled users to request a mentoring relationship with them.

Mentors and Mentees

Mentors and Mentees can find each other by using dedicated Mentoring Search pages which allow the user to select choices for specific Mentoring demographics to find their best-suited matches. From the search results page, the user clicks on the returned users’ names to view their main and Mentoring profiles. Once the user finds their best match, the user clicks on the Mentor or Mentee badge to send a “mentoring request” message to the selected Mentor/Mentee. Mentors and Mentees can accept or decline mentoring requests, and manage their mentoring relationships via the “My Mentoring Relationships” page. Admins can manage and run reports on mentoring relationships using three reporting pages.

Mentoring Dashboard

Super Admins can manage the mentoring relationships of their users through the Mentoring Dashboard, found in the Admin site under Users.  The mentoring dashboard allows administrators to act upon existing mentoring requests and active relationships. 
  • Requests can be accepted and declined on behalf of users.  These actions fire the Admin Accept Relationship and Admin Decline Relationship email templates, sending an email notification to both users in the proposed mentor and mentee pair.  
  • Current mentoring relationships can be marked as complete.  A relationship marked as complete will fire the Admin Complete Relationship email template, sending an email notification to both the mentor and mentee.    
  • Current mentoring relationships can be marked as abandoned.  Only Super Admins can mark a relationship as abandoned.  Marking a relationship as abandoned will end the current relationship and not send an email to either user. 

Admin actions are visible to users in the Mentoring Relationships and Mentor/Mentee Profile pages.

Establishing Mentoring

Establishment of an online mentoring program requires providing technical specifications through the completion of a worksheet and a one-time configuration fee. Configuration of all mentoring pages is provided based on the specifications provided - further client configurations of mentoring webpages and Content Items is not recommended.

For more details please see this HUG Library Entry. The installation and activation of mentoring is requested through the ticketing system.

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