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Volunteer Manager: Creating Opportunities

Last Updated: Jul 07, 2016 03:56PM EDT

Volunteer Opportunities and Opportunity Types

Creation of Opportunities is done following the creation of all required Volunteer Settings and after ensuring the Volunteer Opportunity Types include a type with the desired characteristics. Volunteer opportunities and opportunity types are the heart of Volunteer Manager experiences.  

Opportunity Types

An HLAdmin creates different Opportunity Types reflecting the genre of opportunities they want to provide.  Opportunity Types are created to reflect activities across the spectrum of time commitments and organizational importance.  Common types include committee service, charitable activities, and web content creation. When creating an Opportunity Type, the HLAdmin makes important choices as to the experience these opportunities will provide.  Who can participate in these kinds of opportunities, whether participation requires an application, and which email get sent from opportunities of that type are among these core choices. 
Learn more about Opportunity Types.


Users interact with and sign up to perform volunteer activities through the volunteer opportunities.  On creation of an opportunity, the Admin chooses from among the available types.  The choice of opportunity type is important not just for logical naming, but also for extending the defined and desired experiences to volunteers - who can participate in this opportunity, whether participation requires an application and which email get sent are determined on the opportunity type level.   The core decisions in making the opportunity are in defining it and recruiting volunteer participants – number of volunteers desired, opportunity location, description, imagery and desired characteristics of volunteers are defined on the Opportunity level. Also, an integration code can be included for any opportunity. 

Integration Code and Activity Sync

When both Activity Sync and Volunteer are licensed, administrators can choose to include an ‘integration code’ in the line items written back for the following activities:
  • VolunteerDecline
  • VolunteerDelete
  • VolunteerNonParticipant
  • VolunteerParticipant
  • VolunteerSelect
  • VolunteerSignUp
The ‘Integration code’ is a text input value configurable for each opportunity.  The value need not be unique for each opportunity, and can support multiple different business needs where an additional reference point (AMS opportunity/event key, opportunity creator, opportunity manager, name of the community, etc.) is desired to be stored in the AMS. Clients with activity sync can determine if an additional reference point for volunteer activities is desired and utilize a configuration protocol for its use.  The field can be safely omitted where an additional reference point is not needed or desired by activity sync licensees.  Clients without activity sync should omit/ignore the field. 

Settings not visible when creating a Volunteer Opportunity

Some core aspects of the volunteer experience defined by the Opportunity Type will not be visible or editable when creating Opportunities. 
  • Security – who can see and participate in the opportunity is defined by the Opportunity Type.
  • Application or Immediate acceptance – whether users must apply for acceptance as a volunteer or whether they are immediately accepted is defined in the Opportunity Type and not expressly visible to the creator of the Opportunity.
  • Forms – when an Opportunity Type specifies an application form be used that form and its characteristics are not visible during Opportunity creation.
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