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Volunteer Settings

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2015 01:42PM EDT
A number of opportunity characteristics are commonly defined, reflecting the available choices for admins when creating opportunities.  This allows for consistency across opportunities, coordination with user inputs on volunteer profiles, and standardization of both volunteer points and reporting.  The possible choices for these opportunity characteristics, such as experience level desired or number of hours a volunteer commitment will require, are defined by HLAdmins and then applied to an Opportunity when selected by the Opportunity creator or selected by a Volunteer. 

All Volunteer Settings configuration pages are accessed by HLAdmins in the Admin site Volunteer area.  A subset is available to Volunteer Admins as described below.

Experience Levels

Some opportunities require no experience to participate – like manning the check-in table at an event. Other opportunities, like serving on the Board of Directors, likely require a depth of past experience and a history of volunteer leadership.  Similarly, the relative organizational value of any volunteer activity differs based on experience required or skills applied.  This is taken into account through configuration of experience levels.  Different experience levels are defined, with two inputs to quantify the relative value to the organization.  The Skills Multiplier input is used for determining the points earned for participating.  The Hourly Rate quantifies in dollars the financial benefit of an hour’s service at that Experience Level.   Only HLAdmins can create or modify Experience Levels.  Experience Levels are applied to Volunteer Opportunities by any user creating an opportunity.  

Self Reporting Types

Users can claim participation in volunteer activities that are not managed in Volunteer Manager.  These “self reported” volunteer experiences are added by users on their Volunteer Profiles.  The kinds of self-reported inputs are defined by HLAdmins as Self Reporting Types.  Using these, users can tell others of the volunteer and leadership experience in charities and organizations not affiliated with the organization that licenses Volunteer Manager.

Time Commitments

Volunteers need to know how much time will be required for participating in an opportunity.  Time Commitments reflect a defined range of hours, such as “between 10 and 20 hours”, and are defined by HLAdmins.  Time Commitments are applied to Volunteer Opportunities at opportunity creation.  Users can also select a preferred time commitment for volunteer activity on their Volunteer Profiles.

Travel Preferences

Just as they need to know how many hours are required, volunteers also need to know if they need to travel to participate in an Volunteer Opportunity.  Travel Preferences reflect a defined range of distances, such as “up to 20 miles”, and are defined by HLAdmins.  Travel Preferences are applied to Volunteer Opportunities at opportunity creation.  Users can also select a preferred time commitment for volunteer activity on their Volunteer Profiles.

Opportunity Forms

Opportunity Types often require applications be submitted before a person is accepted as a volunteer for an opportunity.  The application forms can be standardized and then applied to all Opportunities of a given type.  Creation of these standard forms is done by an HLAdmin. 

Volunteer System Admins

Users established as Volunteer Admins will be able to access four pages of the Admin website via a single-icon Webmaster Links display.  The Admin>Home page can be accessed via the Admin button in Webmaster Links.  When opened by a Volunteer Admin the Admin>Home page will display only navigation, the help area below the navigation, and the Top Action button of Volunteer Opportunities. When the Admin site is accessed by a Volunteer Admin the navigation will provide access to only three other pages:
  • Volunteer>Dashboard - for the visual overview of the volunteer program and access to reports
  • Volunteer>Opportunities - to see, create, edit and manage volunteer opportunities
  • Reports>Volunteer - to access reports
Volunteer System Admins are not able to establish Volunteer Settings or create/edit Volunteer Opportunity Types.

Volunteer Manager Configuration

General configurations for voliunteer points and the volunteer administrator are configured on the Volunteer Manager Configuration page. 

Volunteer Points Per Hour

Points awarded per volunteer hour is a system-wide setting that allows admins to assign points for volunteer opportunities based on the time commitment.  The points per hour, in combination with experience level, will be factored into the Volunteer Engagement statistics and leaderboard placement.

Volunteer Manager’s Email Address

Also on in this page, you can input the email address for whomever manages your volunteer program. This email will be used in various emails sent by Automation Rules (template emails, volunteer automation rules, etc.) as the from email address and in the signature block.
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