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Volunteer Opportunity Types

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2016 12:01PM EDT
The creation and configuration of the volunteer opportunity types will vary depending on the volunteer needs of your organization. These will be determined through brainstorming sessions with Higher Logic so that we can make sure that all potential future volunteer opportunities can be created using one of these types.

Once you have decided on a list of opportunity types, it is time to start assigning the characteristics that will be inherent to each individual opportunity of that type. OpportunityTypes are created in the super admin dashboard.

By clicking Add you will then be prompted to input the specific characteristics that will be inherent to that opportunity type; name, submission type, creation permissions.



When creating the opportunity type, you will want to give it a name that will be broad enough to encompass more than one individual volunteer activity, and yet is still specific enough to allow volunteer admins to distinguish between the types.

Submission type

Possible selections for this area are Auto Approve or Requires Approval.  Participation in these opportunities can immediately allow all to be immediately accepted (Auto Approve) . Conversely,  will can be an application process with volunteer applicants being approved or rejected by an administrator (Requires Approval).

Can Community Administrators create opportunities of this type?

Community admins can be allowed or not allowed to select this type when creating their communitys volunteer opportunities. 

Who can view and volunteer for opportunities of this type?

This is the primary security setting for Volunteer Opportunities.  In this area HLAdmins open up or lock down the ability of users to participate in Opportunities of this type based on security groups. This is the only place where view/join permissions are set.  Typically this distinction is for members vs. non-members.

Is Active?

Making a type inactive means that the type is no longer available for selection when creating Volunteer Opportunities.

Is this the default?

This determines the initial selection in the Opportunity Type select list when creating a new Opportunity. 

Ask for Physical Address?

A physical address applies when Opportunities of the type are a one-time events that occur at a fixed location.  If the opportunity type is ‘content creation’, a task that can be done virtually, then the physical address of the volunteer would not be necessary.

Email Templates

The selections here determine the email templates used for participation milestones.  These selections can be established as definitive for all Opportunities of the type, or simply the defaults that can be changed at opportunity creation.

It is generally advised that Allow Overrides at the Opportunity Level not be selected.  Opportunity creators are often not HLAdmins, and HLAdmins are the only users who can see and create alternate email templates.   It is Higher Logic’s best practice to not allow overrides at the opportunity level so as to keep your volunteer messaging consistent across different opportunities with the same type.
The email templates that are assigned to each phase within an opportunity type can be found in Communities -> Email Templates -> Volunteer:

Nomination  - template used when a user recommends that another user volunteer
Invitation - template used when an Admin invites a user to volunteer
Acknowledgement - confirms acceptance - only used for Auto-Approve opportunities
Accept - sent to the volunteer when approved - only applies where applications are used
Reject - sent to the volunteer applicant if rejected - only applies where applications are used
Thank you - sent to the volunteer following successful completion of the volunteer opportunity
Volunteer Pool Opt-In - template used when a user joins the volunteer pool

Your site has been provisioned with HL’s default versions of each template.  These reflect best practices and are distinguished with (default) in their titles.


This section refers to Qualifications desired in a volunteer. Outbound marketing will be determined by these qualifications as will opportunities showed on the individual profile page.  Users are not limited to participating based on qualifications.
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