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Integrating External Social Media

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2014 03:26PM EST

The Connected Community Software Suite allows your homesite to serve as the central hub of an organization's social and professional media presences. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, and more can serve as access points for your information and members with personal accounts on these sites. Just as importantly, social and professional media sites should serve as conduits to your main website

The flexibility inherent in the Microsites CMS Product makes it easy to add external social media links, feeds, and more to the pages of a main site or Community Microsite.  Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds and widgets are easily displayed in web content using instructions provided on their sites on in these documentation resources. In many cases Higher Logic has developed specific User Controls or taken other steps to ease integration.

External Social Media Sites Linked through Profiles

The option to link to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks via Profiles has been established. Every member/user can now establish links to external social media profiles directly through their Higher Logic profile page.


  1. Access the Navigation Page for the main site.
  2. Expose the sub navigation for the “My Profile” page folder by clicking on the small “plus” sign next to the “My Profile” page folder.
  3. Select the Page folder for Profile on the left-hand Navigation side of the Navigation Page. This will highlight “Profile” in a light-blue box and expose the list of Content Items on the right-hand Content side.
  4. While the Page Folder for “Profile” is selected, click “New” on the tool bar on the right-hand Content side of the Navigation Page. This will open an Enter/Edit Content Page.
  5. Enter the following into the fields of the Enter/Edit Content Page:
    a. Enter “Social Media Links” in the top name field;
    b. Select “5” in the Show Content In Section area;
    c. Select “User Control” in the Type of Content field;
    d. Input ds:SocialMediaSites in the User Control path or field area.
    e. Click the “save” button at page bottom.
  6. Adjust the position of the new Content Item using the Navigation Page as necessary.
  7. FINAL ACTIVIATION: On your CCAdmin page, under Users and Companies is the Privacy Defaults page. On Privacy Defaults page, click the “Active” box for “Social Media Sites” (at page bottom) and save. Members will not be able to access this functionality until this step is taken.
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