Set Up Ribbons & Badges

Ribbons and Badges promote participation and commitment to your online community, and serve to recognize and reward accomplishments and community participation. Because of this, they're an important part of its social environment, as they give users extra incentive to be active and engaged members.

NOTE: Because there's no technical difference between Ribbons and Badges, this documentation will refer to both as "Ribbons."

At any time, you can create new Ribbons, and even manage the requirements that must be met for users to earn them (via Automation Rules); if these requirements are met, Ribbons are displayed prominently on the user's profile for everyone to see.

How do Users Receive/Earn Ribbons?

Users can receive Ribbons in two ways:

Creating & Managing Ribbons

Ribbon creation and management is accomplished from the Tools section of the Admin interface:

  1. Click Admin in the Webmaster Links menu.
  2. Click Admin.

  1. From the Tools menu: