Create & Edit Themes

HLHigher Logic websites run on the Bootstrap framework and support a responsive user experience. While the base Bootstrap theme is applied to all HL sites via CSS style sheets and a universal template, it can be edited/overwritten by applying Themes with the Theme Editor.

NOTE: For more information about HL baseline styles and template structure, refer to our Bootstrap Documentation on HUGHigher Logic User Group.

A Theme is a color scheme governed by CSS that's applied to a website to control its aesthetic look. Using the Theme Editor, you can create and manage unlimited color Themes, or insert third-party code, that can be applied to your main site (and any MicrositesOrganizations that license the Microsites module can create and manage independent websites for each of their communities, each with a unique design, layout, and navigation.).

NOTE: Never delete a theme that is being used and DO NOT delete your mobile theme.